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Автор:  theultimate [ Понеделник, 13.07.2009 г. 22:51 ч. ]
Заглавие:  Welcome to 2TPower.com

Welcome to 2TPower.com, the bulgarian forum for fans of Trabant and Wartburg.

This is the international section of the forum. English is a preferable language. You can also visit sections Гараж. There you can see photos and video clips of our cars.

Този раздел от форума е за чужденците. Умишлено съм го сложил по-нагоре, за да се вижда. Избягвайте да пишете на български тук...най-добре на съответния език или на английски.

Автор:  филип3 [ Вторник, 14.07.2009 г. 01:34 ч. ]
Заглавие:  Re: Welcome to 2TPower.com

Herzlich Willkommen in unserem Forum an alle, die den 2T-Zauber in ihren Herzen tragen!
Hier können Sie unsere Fotos im Artickel Garage (Гараж) sehen.
Wir akzeptieren jeden, der uns achtet.

Автор:  R8R_Nation [ Вторник, 24.11.2009 г. 06:33 ч. ]
Заглавие:  Re: Welcome to 2TPower.com


My name is Alex. I was born in Sofia but have been living in California for most of my life. Now I’m back. My Bulgarian is OK, but it is difficult to write now cuz I have no idea were the letters are on the keyboard. I took me 30 mins to write down my message in the sofia meeting. Also, it is easier for me to express my self in english for now…

Anyway, I love trabants and I want to get one for project car. My expectations are not that big just fast daily driver + looking good. I’m not new to modifying cars so I know what it takes to make one. I did 13 second daily driver N/A DOHC dodge neon, worked with my friend on 10.2 second turbo SOHC dodge neon (it is still not at it’s full potential), and rebuild Volvo 142E. I’m attaching some pics of them cuz I miss them a lot.

Bulgarian with Latin letters, sorry!!!

Moeto ime e Alex i sushaliavam che ne pisha s kirilica. Po-goloamata chast ot moia shivot sum shivial v California. Plus tova niama klaviatura na kirilica i e strashto trudno da pisha na bulgarski v momenta. Otnemi 30mins da napisha otgovora v Sofiiskata sreshta. Tova shte se promeni v nai-skoro vreme.

Za sega niamam, no iskam i shte si zema Trabant za proekna kola. Ot neia iskam da e za vseki den za toplo vreme no po burza ot stokova i dobre izgleshdashta. Mnogo dobre sum zapoznat che niama da e eftino ili burzo no tova e neshto koeto iskam i estestveno shte pitam vuprosi. Sushto taka, azz sum rabotil vurhu modifikazii na koli dosta. Primerno, 13 sekundi N/A DOHC vsekidnevna Dodge Neon, race car 10.2 SOHC Neon s priatel, restavrirah Volvo 142E i oshte niakolko no drebni raboti.

Nadiavam se da stamen priateli i shte imam dosta vuprosi.

Eto malko snimki ot starite mi koli.


Автор:  Torsi [ Вторник, 24.11.2009 г. 20:06 ч. ]
Заглавие:  Re: Welcome to 2TPower.com

HI man, It's great that we are having our first foreign member.Wonderful.Welcome ! [smilie=2beers]
If you need any assistance with the forum or something feel free to contact me on PM.
It is really a good idea to start improving a Trabant, but it definately needs a lot of work if you want to achieve something close to what you have done till now - less than 13sec. :D
Furthermore, try to follow the rules here in the forum, as we have quite severe Moderators, that you don't wanna challenge :wink:

Автор:  R8R_Nation [ Сряда, 25.11.2009 г. 00:49 ч. ]
Заглавие:  Re: Welcome to 2TPower.com

Thanks, for the welcome. Actually, I was born in Bulgaria just haven't lived here for a while.

My plan for the trabi will not be for 13 sec maybe 15 I think it will be nice.


Автор:  Hajo06 [ Събота, 02.01.2010 г. 12:17 ч. ]
Заглавие:  Re: Welcome to 2TPower.com

Hallo, all fans of the “Trabant”.
I'm Hajo from Germany. My heart hits for engines with two stokes.
I wish all members a Happy New Year.
I found the way to your nice homepage because Philip visited our homepage http://trabitechnik.com and our forum.
It is difficult for me to understand the Bulgarian language. The Russian lessons were so many years ago The letters have disappeared by my memory and I find no Cyrillic letters on my keyboard. :-) :lol:
But we will read certainly again each other.
Довиждане! Hajo

Автор:  Kikkity [ Четвъртък, 22.07.2010 г. 16:34 ч. ]
Заглавие:  Re: Welcome to 2TPower.com

Hey there forum !

Hey there alex! It makes us two Californians in here dude ! Raider Nation All the way!!

I also want to get a Trabi and preferrably the combi version. While in the US I worked with a few pals on a couple 350z's and 240's (nissan) I personally drove an SVT Focus 5dr and a 2001 lexus is300... Gotta say the Focus was a canyon beast, regardless of it being a fwd.

After I got a daily driver (toyota) I feel the urge the get a project car.. Turned out Nissans are not popular... VWs and BMWs are every-fuckin-where... I saw a very very vvvvery nice green Trabant in my city - Ruse. I think i saw it here in the forum. When I heard how much a car like this costs and that its made out of paper (well kinda) i was like YESSS THATS IT !!!

Still looking for a donor car !

Здравейте Всички от форума!

Здравей Алекс! Ставаме двама калифорнийци тука!

Аз също искам да си взема Трабант, като предпочитам комби. Докато бях в Америка, работих над няколко Нисана. Личните ми возила бяха SVT Focus и Lexus is300. Focus-а си беше направо убиец в планиските местности, въпреки че беше с предно предаване.

След като си намерих кола за ежедневно шофиране до работа и обратно (toyota), започнах да си търся кола за проект.. Нисаните не са популярни, а навсякъде има само VW и BMW. В русе видях един много як зелен трабант комби и мисля че намерих снимките му тука. Когато разбрах каква е цената на тея колички и че са от някакъв тип хартия (да де..), се запалих много да намеря именно такъв автомобил за проект.

Все още търся кола от която да започна!!

Автор:  mircea_storm [ Неделя, 22.01.2012 г. 00:06 ч. ]
Заглавие:  Re: Welcome to 2TPower.com

Hellow ! I'm Mircea and i am from Romania. I'm also trabant fan, like you. I have 3 cars : 2- 601s combi, and 1 1.1 combi. You have a nice site, nice cars, and a nice comunity.
Great thing this Google chrome, because has a translator language.. and i can wach and understanding your language... i'll be watching from shadow :)
some picture with my cars:
1: green one:

is the car used often

2. blue one:

Изображение ИзображениеИзображение

he has paper and also works properly

3. white one


it's working but is not registerd in Romania.. i'm thinking to registerd in Bulgaria. Is cheaper than Romania :P

I hope i won't bore you with my little story and my cars ...

Автор:  nylon [ Вторник, 24.01.2012 г. 12:12 ч. ]
Заглавие:  Re: Welcome to 2TPower.com

Hi. It's nice to see Trabant cars from Romania. Your registration plate is from near Pitesti :) . This is not so far from Ruse, where I live. It'll be nice to meet you here in Bulgaria or in Romania some day. We (Me and my girlfriend) make plans to visit Bukurest with my Trabant this spring. Wellcome to our forum. Write more about your cars and passion. [smilie=2beers] I hope you are not alone Trabi-fan in Romania.

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